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If you are accused of driving while under the influence of marijuana, you need Cincinnati marijuana DUI lawyer Joe Suhre and his team at Suhre & Associates, LLC fighting for you. As Ohio DUI lawyers we know all too well how often police cut corners and violate your rights during traffic stops. 

Don’t let the government push you around. The founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights to protect people just like you. Exercising your right to legal counsel is the first step towards protecting your future.

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Why Choose Suhre & Associates as Your Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyer

Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Joe Suhre understands the importance of thoroughly investigating every aspect of your case. DUIs / OVIs in Ohio are very serious, and you should not make the mistake of taking your case lightly. 

Some of the defense strategies that may be appropriate in an alleged DUI involving marijuana include:

  • Filing motions challenging the legality of the traffic stop
  • FIling motions challenging the search as unlawful under the Fourth Amendment
  • Challenging interrogations if your Miranda Rights were violated
  • Disputing the validity of chemical tests if improperly administered
  • Negotiating with prosecutors for dismissal or reduction in charges
  • Fighting the case at trial

Every case is unique, so no defense will look the same. If you have been accused of a DUI / OVI involving marijuana, don’t wait to contact Cincinnati marijuana DUI lawyers at SUhre & Associates for help. Your future could depend on it. 

What Does the State Need to Prove to Convict You for Marijuana OVI in Cincinnati?

The state of Ohio can charge you with marijuana DUI in several different ways. The two most common are “impaired OVI” and “OVI per se.”  Impaired marijuana OVI is when the state tries to prove the DUI by showing your ability to drive was actually impaired by the use of marijuana.  The state will rely on evidence of unsafe driving and testimony regarding failed field sobriety tests to prove impairment. 

OVI per se is even easier for the state to prove than an impairment OVI. To prove OVI per se the police will test your blood or urine for marijuana. To do this, they actually test for the marijuana metabolite.  The prohibited concentration of marijuana metabolite in the urine is ten nanograms per milliliter. The prohibited amount in the blood is two nanograms per milliliter.

If you have a prohibited concentration of marijuana in your system, this is enough to convict you – regardless of whether or not your driving was actually impaired. This means even if you weren’t actually under the influence at the time you drove, you could still be convicted of marijuana DUI per se for a prohibited concentration. 

The basic elements of a marijuana DUI are as follows:

  • The defendant
  • Operated a motor vehicle
  • While under the influence of drugs or with a prohibited concentration of drugs in their system.

The state may actually charge you with both impaired OVI and prohibited concentration OVI. This gives them two different ways to prove you guilty and increases their odds of a conviction. That’s where we come in. We will demand every piece of evidence from the state and work with witnesses and experts to find issues in the state’s case against you. 

The team at Suhre & Associates will not roll over and let the state push you around. We will stand up for your rights and fight to prove your innocence. After all, under the constitution, you are innocent unless and until the state can prove you guilty. 

What are the Penalties for Marijuana DUI?

The penalties for DUI in Ohio are severe. We understand how scary it is to be charged with a crime, which is why we do everything we can to fight the allegations made against you. Some of the penalties for marijuana DUI include:

OffensePrison/Jail Fines + Other Penalties
First OVI3 days jail or 3-day driver’s intervention programDriver’s license suspension, $375 – $1,075 fine
Second OVI10 days to six months jailDriver’s license suspension, $525 – $1625 fine, mandatory substance use counseling
Third OVI30 days to one-year jailDriver’s license suspension, $850 – $2,750 fine, mandatory substance use counseling
Fourth + OVI60 days to 2 ½ years prisonDriver’s license suspension, $1,350 – $10,000 fine, mandatory substance use counseling

Because penalties can vary greatly from person to person depending on the unique allegations you are facing, only your lawyer can advise you on the penalties you are facing.  Make sure to carefully review your case with an attorney as soon as possible. 

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