To make the roads safer in Hamilton the OVI Task Force will have OVI/DUI Checkpoints or DUI/OVI Saturation Patrols from time to time. Hamilton DUI checkpoints and OVI saturation patrols are designed to find drivers that are behind the wheel driving under the influence and get them off the roads for the safety of the citizens for Hamilton and Butler County, Ohio.

Suhre & Associates best advise to avoid an OVI/DUI in Hamilton, Butler County or surrounding areas is to not drink and drive. But it’s important to understand that the law states in Ohio that your blood alcohol limit must be at .08 or higher to be considered driving under the influence or operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The police have a theory that what goes up must come down, so if you’re pulled over and your blood alcohol limit is under .08 is your blood alcohol limit rising or decreasing. It can be considered safer for the citizens of Hamilton and Butler County to arrest you for OVI/DUI and take you off the road. We are posting Hamilton DUI Checkpoints and OVI Saturation Patrols as a public service announcement.

The Hamilton OVI Task Force will post in advance of upcoming checkpoints and saturation patrols in Hamilton, Butler County and surrounding areas. DUI Checkpoints are focused to a specific area and saturation patrols can be for a larger area.