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Has your driver’s license been suspended after a DUI arrest in Cincinnati, Ohio? You have just 30 days to request an Administrative License Suspension hearing with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). If you don’t, you’ll lose the right to drive for at least 90 days.

Don’t give up your driving privileges without a fight – especially if you’re not guilty of driving under the influence. Contact Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers and have our award-winning Cincinnati DMV hearing lawyers fight to get your license reinstated.

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How Our Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You With a BMV Hearing

How Our Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You With a BMV Hearing

At Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, our Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys have more than a century of combined legal experience. Our team includes former police officers and prosecutors, which means we have a unique perspective on the Ohio criminal justice system. 

We know where mistakes are made, what evidence is most likely to be mishandled, and what strategies the prosecution will use to win.

When your driver’s license is on the line, so is your ability to go to school, earn an income, and support your family. Don’t let the state take it away without a fight.

Let our Cincinnati DUI lawyers help you by:

  • Filing a request for your BMV hearing within 30 days of your arrest
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding your drunk driving arrest and license suspension
  • Determine what mistakes the police may have made or what evidence might have been gathered illegally
  • Build a case that demonstrates why your license should be reinstated immediately
  • Represent you at your BMV hearing and force the state to consider the facts of your case

Contact our law office in Cincinnati, OH, to discuss your DUI arrest and ALS suspension today. We’ll be ready to request an ALS hearing and appeal the decision on your behalf.

The BMV Hearing Is Not a Criminal Matter

When you’re arrested for an OVI, your driver’s license will automatically be subject to automatic suspension if:

The automatic suspension is administrative in nature, not criminal. It doesn’t mean you’re guilty of OVI. Your license can be suspended or revoked as part of your related criminal DUI case.

But an administrative suspension can still have significant repercussions across your life. So, it’s important to fight back and try to get the suspension reversed, stayed, or terminated.

Keep in mind that losing your ALS appeal won’t have an impact on your criminal OVI case. You can lose your appeal and still be found not guilty of a criminal offense.

What Are the Grounds For Getting an Administrative License Suspension Reversed in Ohio?

Under Ohio state law, there are certain grounds for having an administrative license suspension reversed or set aside.

Our DMV hearing attorneys in Cincinnati will carefully review the facts, evidence, and circumstances of your case to determine which grounds may be applicable to your case.

We’ll search to find evidence to show that:

  • The arresting officer lacked reasonable grounds to believe you were operating a motor vehicle while impaired
  • There was no probable cause to arrest for drunk driving
  • You weren’t informed of Ohio’s implied consent law and the potential consequences of refusing a chemical test
  • The officer never requested that you take a chemical test to determine your BAC
  • You did not have drugs or alcohol in your system – or an amount exceeding the legal level – despite a failed test
  • The BMV Form 2255 wasn’t filled out properly by the arresting officer

The purpose of the ALS hearing is to determine if the license suspension is within the bounds of the law. It’s not to prove whether or not you were unlawfully under the influence while operating a motor vehicle.

You Can Secure Limited Driving Privileges Even if Your License is Suspended

If there are no grounds to appeal your administrative license suspension, or if you lose your appeal, you can still ask to get your license back. The catch is that you’ll get it back on a limited basis. 

Our attorneys can ask the court for a hardship suspension, which would grant you the right to drive for limited purposes – like going to the doctor, getting to and from work, or obtaining an education.

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Has your Ohio driver’s license been subject to an administrative suspension in Cincinnati, OH? Contact Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers for help getting it back. You may have the right to appeal the automatic suspension, but you’ll only have 30 days to do it. Our Cincinnati DMV hearing lawyers can help you navigate the appeals process and fight to get your driving privileges back.

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