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I am extremely pleased with the legal services provided by tanner. Their expertise, dedication, and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process. Thanks to their strategic approach and thorough knowledge of the law, we were able to achieve a successful outcome in my case. I highly recommend tanner to anyone in need of legal representation. Thank you for your exceptional work!"
I have used Suhre & Associates more than once over the past six years. I have used other lawyers in the past, but in no way did they compare to Suhre & Associates. The results Suhre & Associates have gotten me were the best in the situations I was in at the time. The lawyers were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They truly care and listen to what you have to say and will be there for you. I highly recommend using Suhre & Associates for your legal matters.
Mr. Nelson was timely, professional and delivered the best results. 10/10.
Mr. Tanner Duncan was recommended to me by a third party and I'm glad they did! I had 5 months long case and Tanner always kept me abreast of how things were going and always answered my questions and concerns. He was great to work with! The plea deal he was able to negotiate I couldn't be happier with. I will recommend Tanner to anyone!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your glowing review, Guy!
Excellent service!
Joe, did a wonderful job managing my case and keeping me up to date with everything. He was very professional and proficient with the law, that allowed us to come out with the best possible outcome. 10/10 recommended.
I knew I wanted to hire Tanner after the first phone call I had with him. I had already talked to two other lawyers about my situation and Tanner was more thorough and more knowledgeable than the lawyers I talked to previously. He was patient and understanding and took the time to answer all my questions and go through all my options in our first interaction.I had a multitude of charges, misdemeanors and felonies, in different counties. Tanner set up appointments with me before every court date and came to every court date well read, well studied, and well prepared. All my charges were expunged. There is no other defense lawyer I rather hire. Tanner turned an overwhelming and stressful series of events into a great and pleasant experience!
Joe Suhre was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable, informative, and has an extensive legal background. Their online client portal was very easy to communicate through and find any/all updates. Joe answered all questions in a timely manner and really put me at ease. He really had my best interest in mind and didn’t settle for anything but the best outcome!
I hired Tanner Duncan for representation. He was incredibly detailed and a pleasant person to talk with. Tanner was able to work out a favorable plea deal bringing my charge down to a minor misdemeanor. I would highly recommend him or anyone else at the firm if your in need of counsel or representation.
If there is a place to go and know they there for you and get the job done this is it. They helped me in a case involving the Veterans Affairs and the evil within so at they support veterans and know their law! What more could you ask for other than the man who was by my side in court “Tanner Duncan” thank you so much my rights and freedom is all I have and Ty for not letting them violate mine.
Tanner Duncan is the best. Best experience with a lawyer i have ever had or seen. Went above and beyond when he didnt have to and wasnt paid to do. Also knows the law and checked up on me and made sure i was ok after the situation was over.
Outstanding experience all around
Ryan was super helpful with our family’s case. He was great at working with the prosecution to come to an agreement and had some creative ideas that helped us get the outcome we needed.
My attorney, Tanner Duncan, was very helpful and made the entire process easier. Would recommend.
I would highly recommend Suhre & Associates for any problems that you need representation, especially Tanner Duncan who was outstanding. He was on top of all aspects of my case.
Get Tanner Duncan for any criminal needs he will make impossible possible for you. He will get the best outcome for you.
Words cannot describe my happiness with Joe Suhre and his team. They are both truly the best in their field. I had a case that seemed unwinnable and my life went upside down while in this legal limbo. Joe Suhre and his team got me the best possible outcome and saved my career and future. Throughout this entire ordeal not only did I recieve regular communication with Mr suhre but also his staff. Not only is he the best in his field but his staff is as well, you are truly getting the best legal representation out there. Outside of the case Mr Suhre was able to put me at ease when I had lost all hope. Don't just take it from me, as I left the courtroom I had another defendant tell me "I wished I hired him" right in front of his current representation. With Mr suhre you are not just hiring the best representation but also the best peace of mind one can have while navigating legal limbo. THANK YOU SUHRE AND ASSOCIATES!!!!
Joe was great! I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. I highly recommend him!
Everything was perfect! Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Let me just start off by saying Tanner Duncan is the real deal! If you’re looking for a lawyer that knows the law better than any other lawyer this is your guy. Tanner is very passionate about what he does and he wants to do the best and be the best for his clients. He will go above and beyond to keep you up to date on what’s going on and that is a great piece of mind. He is articulate, very knowledgeable about the law and gets his point across very matter of fact. He will make any lawyer that challenges him regret that they even took a case against him. He is the sophisticated pitbull that you need to win!!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your kind words, Marty. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions, comments or concerns.Cheers,Suhre & Associates Team
I hired Tanner Duncan to represent me in a DVCPO case, which was later dismissed. Tanner’s confidence, knowledge of the law, and communication helped to put me at ease during an extremely stressful time. He showed care and concern for what I was going through and was timely with answering any questions that I had. I highly recommend Tanner Duncan!!!
Mr. Duncan was fast acting and came for me in my time of need. Don't rest or hesitate with this attorney because he will be there for you as long as your open and truthful with him. This has been life altering for thank again Mr. Duncan!
Suhre & Associates is as professional and knowledgeable representation you could ask for!!! Thank you for your service!!!
Ryan Nelson was very helpful and he was amazing throughout all my court appearances. He is very honest with his clients and was willing to do what was necessary to make sure that the outcome was fair. He was very knowledgeable about the court process and understanding and helpful to my unfamiliarity. I would definitely recommend him and this firm.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind review!
Joe Suhre & Associates is a wonderful firm! I worked with attorney Joe Suhre for my case. Joe is an excellent attorney! He handled my case very well, efficiently and with the utmost care and attention. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and was excellent to work with. He was patient in answering all of my questions and concerns and was very diligent and focused throughout. Working with Joe and Henri gave me piece of mind during my case, I highly recommend
Tanner was so on top of everything with my case from the moment i stepped into his office. Extremely professional and truly does his best to make you understand what’s going on. And will do absolutely anything he can to get the resolution in your favor! Absolutely loved working with Mr. Duncan and Suhre & Associates
Handled very fast and professionally.
I had used Tanner Duncan of Suhre & Associates in the past, and even though the situation was a nightmare…I came out of it better than I, or anyone else for that matter, expected. Against all odds, I was able to continue to be a father to my son and had a chance to work on rebuilding my life. So I didn’t even hesitate on who to call when life decided to throw me another curveball and against all odds…again, Tanners professionalism and diligence saved my life. I’m very grateful for what he has done for me.
Tanner Duncan My lawyer was very nice listened to everything I had to say. I know he studied my case by follow up questions he did days later. Also by gathering up all Evidence. And the interviews he made with different people.he brought witnesses and evidence to trial. He worked very hard for me. I didn’t think anyone would do that for me like he did. I owe him my freedom
Great communications and they show a sincere care for how I'm effected by the case. They are welcome to regular conversation and humor during communications.
Joe was very informative and helpful throughout my case, was very friendly. Wouldn’t rather have anyone else represent me!
J. Tanner Duncan is professional lawyer. I have CDL. Police officer gave me ticket with 3 accusations. He helped my Case to be dismissed in no time. I would highly recommend to work with J. Tanner Duncan.
There are not enough positive words to describe Joe Suhre and his firm. Great people with integrity that work very hard for their clients. I would recommend Joe and the Suhre firm for your legal needs in any circumstance. We could not be happier with our outcome. JB
I had Ryan and Tanner help me through an immensely life changing trial, they were professional, ethical, and did everything any person could possibly ask for in a defense attourney. At the end of the lengthy trial their professionalism and clear knowledge won the case and my freedom. I'm indebted to them and could not emphasize how much I would recommend coming to them for your defense.
I highly recommend Suhre &Associates Law firm. Tanner Duncan handled my case and I highly recommend him if you need a good attorney. Thank you for helping me I really appreciate you.
Tanner was great to work with, and would definitely hire again. Many thanks to Tanner and Suhre for all that they have done and continue to do!
I had a great experience with Tanner and Henri! They made the confusing process of handling my MVA easy to understand and took care of everything while my only responsibility was to heal. I received the best payout possible and it wouldn’t have happened without them!
Tanner Duncan was my attorney. Highly recommend. Got me in and out with the best outcome!
Excellent work! Highly recommended. Tanner was over prepared and everything went smoothly.
very good experience, friendly stuffs, professional service, always responds quickly. highly recommend with Suhre & Associates.
Mr. Suhre represented me in a case and he was very good in all aspects. He explained everything in a way to make it very understandable and he was very punctual and knowledgeable about everything. Definitely recommend Joe if you’re in a bind.
Tanner Duncan was so helpful! My husband and I had such a great experience and really appreciated the care we were given. He was very helpful and understanding of our situation and took the time to talk us through everything and just be really honest with us in the process. Very grateful
Tanner Duncan was excellent to work with. Provided me sound and informative legal advice and answered all my questions. Would recommend him to anyone!
Tanner Duncan was very informative and helpful. I highly recommend speaking with him if you have any questions about legal processes or need legal assistance. Put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable in a stressful situation.
I was in need of legal advice and Tanner Duncan, Adrian Welch and the Suhre & Associates team were there immediately and helped me out of a tough situation. I would definitely recommend their services. Thank You.
I had the pleasure of working with Tanner Duncan of Suhre and Associates recently. He was very professional, competent and diligent. I highly recommend his services for your legal needs.


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