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If you’ve been arrested in Boone County, Kentucky, do not hesitate to call Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers for immediate legal assistance. The earlier you get a Boone County criminal defense attorney involved in your case, the stronger your defense can be. A strong defense is the only way to minimize the consequences of your arrest and give yourself the best opportunity to protect your future.

At Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, we’ve been standing up and fighting on behalf of clients in and around Boone County for years. Collectively, our attorneys have decades of experience navigating all criminal matters – misdemeanors, felonies, state charges, and federal offenses. You can benefit from our unique experience, insight, and knowledge – you just have to call us for help.

Our Boone County law firm offers a free initial case assessment, so reach out to us by phone or online to schedule yours today.

Why Should I Hire a Boone County Criminal Lawyer After My Arrest?

When you’re arrested for a crime, it’s normal to feel many emotions. You might be scared for your future and what will happen to your freedom. One of the smartest things you can do after an arrest is hire a criminal defense lawyer at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers. The state of Kentucky will spend a considerable amount of time and resources in your prosecution, so you need an attorney on your side to even the playing field. Here’s why you should let one of our experienced lawyers handle your criminal case.

Our Former Officers and Former Prosecutors Can Determine If You Were Arrested Unlawfully

Before turning his attention to criminal defense law, Joe Suhre spent five years on the other side of the law as a police officer. In those five years, he saw firsthand how the criminal justice system operates. He knows how the system works because he was an integral part of that system. He knows how the state can manipulate and bend the rules in its favor.

Because of his experience, Joe Suhre and the rest of the legal team Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers are an unparalleled resource to have on your side. We can dive deep into your arrest in order to determine if your rights were violated at any point. This often allows us to help our clients secure the best possible outcomes in their criminal cases.

We Don’t Hesitate to Bring in Expert Help

The state of Kentucky will not spare any expense or resource when it comes to building a case against you. Prosecutors will undoubtedly bring in experts and specialists to help them throughout the process. As a former police officer, Joe Suhre saw just how much of an impact expert testimony and support can have a criminal case.

When prosecutors have experts on their side and defendants don’t, cases tend to be resolved in the state’s favor. As a criminal defense attorney in Boone County, Joe Suhre strives to make sure that his clients benefit from experts, too.So, as Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers navigates your case, we will not hesitate to bring in experts, professionals, and specialists to help us investigate the charges, analyze evidence, and craft a defense. We’ll turn to anyone who might be able to provide critical insight, such as:

  • Firearms and ballistics experts
  • Breath test technical supervisors
  • Fingerprint examiners
  • DNA testing experts
  • Forensic psychologists
  • Breathalyzer experts
  • Medical professionals
  • Forensic toxicologists
  • Forensic pharmacologists, and more.

If there’s a specialist who can help us scrutinize evidence or develop a legal strategy, we’ll enlist their assistance. We know it might be the difference between a conviction and getting the charges dropped so that you can walk away with your future intact.

Benefit From Decades of Experience

When your future is on the line, you deserve to have an attorney who appreciates what you’re facing. At Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, we know the stakes are incredibly high because, collectively, we have decades of experience helping clients just like you.Because of our years of experience, we know the laws and rules that might affect your case. We know the court system and what the state will do as it approaches and builds a criminal case against you.

We draw on this experience and the knowledge we’ve gathered every day in defense of our clients. Time and time again, it helps us yield positive results. We regularly get evidence dismissed, charges dropped, and not guilty verdicts in court. When you trust us with your case, we’ll work tirelessly to do the same for you.

We Treat Every Case As If It’s Our Own

At Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, we know that you’re more than just a number on a case file. We know that you’re a human being who is facing an uncertain future. We know that the stakes are incredibly high. We also know what a difference a strong defense can make when you’re facing criminal charges.

That’s why we treat each and every case we handle as if it’s our own. We approach each as if we’re defending ourselves or our own family members. So, you can know that your case isn’t being farmed out to interns or support staff. Your case will get the time and personal attention it deserves from the attorney you choose.

We Handle All Criminal Matters in Boone County, KY

Our Boone County criminal law attorneys are here to help you whenever you need us. It doesn’t matter why you’ve been arrested or what kind of charges you’re facing. We represent clients in all criminal matters, including those facing charges for:

If you’ve been arrested, we’ll help you defend yourself if you’re charged with a crime. If you’ve already been convicted of a crime in Boone County, our accomplished staff will be there to help you navigate the appeals process. Once your criminal case is resolved, we’ll determine if you’re eligible to have your expunged, which might help to minimize the collateral consequences of an arrest, criminal case, or conviction.

Whatever help you need, we’ll be there. All you have to do is give our northern Kentucky law office a call and arrange a time to sit down to discuss your criminal case in detail. Your first consultation is free, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Should I Cooperate With the Police?

As a general rule of thumb, no. Be respectful, but don’t make it easier for the state to build a case against you. Decline when officers ask to search you, your belongings, or your home. Refuse to provide a statement. You don’t have to answer any questions. If you choose to, don’t expand on your answers or provide details.

What Should I Do If I Was Arrested?

The best course of action is to keep quiet and inform the police that you want to invoke your right to consult with an attorney. Explain that all questions should be addressed to your lawyer – not you. If you’re arrested, call Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers when you have the opportunity to do so. Our trial lawyers will take over any conversations with the police and help to ensure that your rights are fully respected.

Boone County, KY Crime Statistics

Every year, thousands of crimes are reported in Boone County, Kentucky. Statistics show that, on average, someone is the victim of a crime in Boone County every four hours. Crimes are broken down into two main categories – property and violent. Property offenses are far more common in Boone County than violent ones.

Boone County has a violent crime rate of 10.7. The lower the number, the better. For context, the average violent crime rate in the United States is 22.7. So, there’s about half as much violent crime in Boone County than there in other parts of the nation. Violent crimes include assault, robbery, rape, manslaughter, and murder.

On the other hand, Boone County sees more property crimes than most other parts of the country – including nearby Cincinnati.  The average property crime rate in the United States is 35.4. In the Cincinnati metro area, the property crime rate is 36.4. In Boone County, it’s 40.9. Property offenses include burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

Boone County Criminal Defense Practice Areas


Assault charges can follow you for life. It doesn’t matter if you were arrested because a bar fight got out of hand or you allegedly lost your cool and attacked your ex’s new partner. An assault conviction can land you behind bars and change the course of your life as you know it.

However, before you can be convicted, the state has to prove that you’re guilty. Our assault defense lawyers will fight them every step of the way – contesting evidence and challenging the validity of any testimony offered against you.

Domestic Violence

In Kentucky, accusations of domestic violence are taken quite seriously. However, many allegations of domestic abuse are untrue or exaggerated. Without a strong defense, those allegations can lead to a conviction. Many times, these cases lack direct and tangible evidence of abuse.

So, our domestic violence defense lawyers will work hard to undermine the believability and credibility of any witnesses offered by the state. We’ll do our best to show that there are serious reasons to doubt the charges against you.

Drug Crimes

Kentucky has some of the harshest drug laws on the books. Unlike other states, Kentucky hasn’t really considered decriminalizing marijuana or imposing rehabilitative sentences for drug offenders. So, when you’re arrested on drug charges in Kentucky, it’s important to defend yourself vigorously.

Our team knows that, many times, the evidence in drug cases is tainted because it’s gathered illegally. We’ll work diligently to determine if your rights have been violated and have any tainted evidence tossed from your case. Without evidence, the state will be hard-pressed to prove its case.


Drunk driving arrests happen in Boone County every day. However, many times, DUI cases are based on evidence and information that’s untrustworthy or illegal. Our DUI defense lawyers will carefully scrutinize your DUI case and work hard to identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies. We’ll challenge the validity of the evidence and move to have as much of the evidence as we can thrown out by the court. We will work diligently to make sure that the state doesn’t benefit from violations of your rights or mistakes made along the way.

Federal Crimes

Boone County is just a stone’s throw from Cincinnati, OH. So, it’s common for people to travel back and forth between the two states. When alleged criminal activity crosses state lines, it often falls under federal jurisdiction. So, federal charges aren’t all that uncommon in Boone County. When you’re charged with a federal crime, you need to work with a lawyer who knows the federal criminal justice system. Our lawyers have been helping clients in federal court for years.

Restraining Orders

Courts in Kentucky will often issue restraining orders even if there’s little-to-no evidence that allegations of abuse or harassment are true. However, you’re still required to comply with any terms contained in a restraining order against you, regardless of whether it’s based on facts or lies. If you violate a restraining order, you can face serious criminal charges and consequences. Sometimes violations happen by mistake. Other times they’re the consequence of a lapse of judgment. Either way, our team will defend you tenaciously at every turn.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes, including sexual assault, rape, and child pornography, are among the most serious in Boone County. Prosecutors will do everything in their power to convict and secure the harshest possible penalties. If you are convicted, you not only face years in jail, but also the reality of being a registered sex offender. That can have devastating consequences for your professional and personal lives for years to come. Our sex crime attorneys will work hard to find any weaknesses in the state’s case against you and leverage them in your favor.

Theft Crimes

Theft offenses, including shoplifting and burglary, account for most of the crimes that are committed in Boone County. So, the state has ramped up efforts to convict and punish anyone charged with a theft crime. However, theft cases can be particularly complicated because prosecutors have to prove that you acted with intent. Our attorneys will challenge their efforts every step of the way and make it as difficult for the prosecutors to do their job. If they can’t prove every element of the crime, they can’t convict.

Weapons Charges

Compared to other states, Kentucky has relatively relaxed gun laws. However, certain crimes are subject to more severe penalties when a weapon is involved – even if it’s owned legally. Having a weapon on you can subject you to additional time behind bars and more stringent probation requirements. It can also even lead to the loss of your right to own a firearm or weapon. We know that the only way to protect you is by defending you against all criminal charges – including related charges – vigorously from the start.

White Collar Crimes

Certain crimes are considered to be “white collar” offenses because they’re victimless. No one gets physically hurt when these crimes are committed. However, white collar crimes like fraud or identity theft can have catastrophic financial consequences for individuals and corporations.

So, the state invests considerable time and resources into combating white collar offenses. These cases tend to be particularly complex, so our lawyers will not hesitate to bring in whatever experts might be able to help us disprove the allegations or create enough doubt as to your role or guilt in the operation.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes – including assault, homicide, and manslaughter – get the most attention in the news. So, these crimes also tend to get the most attention from state prosecutors. After all, prosecutors aren’t just getting pressure from the state; they’re also getting pressure from supposed victims and families.

However, just because you’re accused of a violent offense doesn’t mean you’re guilty of a crime. In fact, you might have even done what you’ve been accused of, but only in defense of yourself or out of fear. We’ll work diligently to make sure that every legitimate defense is raised on your behalf.

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If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in Boone County, the time to begin defending yourself is now. Hiring an attorney to lead your defense can make a massive difference in how your case is ultimately resolved. So, don’t hesitate to call Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers to discuss your case with our Boone County criminal defense attorneys.

During your free consultation, our team will listen to your side of the story, review the charges against you, and explain your rights. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you have and help you understand your legal options. We know your future is in jeopardy and, if you let us, we’ll do everything possible to protect it.