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Surprising Things That Can Make You a Sex Offender

Various unexpected actions can startlingly land you on the sex offender list. As such, it’s crucial to be aware of these potential circumstances so you can protect your freedom and reputation.  The following are some surprising situations that could lead you to being required to register as a sex offender in Ohio: Urinating in Public… read more

How To Fight False Allegations of Rape in Cincinnati, OH

Dealing with false accusations of rape can be a stressful and challenging ordeal. Understandably, these allegations are treated with the utmost severity due to the possible long-term effects on the lives of all parties involved. For defendants, these allegations carry serious potential penalties, given their severe nature and the social stigma attached. There are certain… read more

Is It Illegal To Hack Someone’s Phone in Ohio?

Illegal hacking is a serious problem in the United States and worldwide. Hackers are continually finding more creative ways to access our electronic devices, including cell phones. Additionally, the tools hackers use have become more and more difficult to stop as they use sophisticated systems to gain unauthorized access to our electronic devices. How Does… read more

What Happens if an Ohio Driver Gets an Out-of-State OVI?

If you’re an Ohio driver and find yourself facing an out-of-state Operating a Vehicle under the Influence (OVI) charge – meaning you live in Ohio, but you’re driving and are arrested in another state – it’s crucial to understand that this can present additional complexities in your life and for your legal defense.  An overlap… read more

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Attorney in Cincinnati, OH

If you’ve recently been charged with a crime in Ohio, it’s important not to wait to hire a criminal defense lawyer. However, before you hire an attorney in Cincinnati, you’ll have an initial consultation. During this meeting, you have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the attorney, their strategies, and history. 10… read more

Breathalyzer Tests Can Be Wrong: Reasons For False Positive Results

Breathalyzer machines are a common feature of many of Ohio’s more than 12,000 annual arrests for operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI/DUI). Both law enforcement officers and prosecutors alike would have you believe that these devices accurately and irrefutably measure the alcohol concentration on your breath.  In reality, however, Breathalyzer machines are prone to errors… read more

Criminal Trespassing Charges in Cincinnati

Trespassing in Ohio can be defined by a variety of actions, all falling under the umbrella of unauthorized access or occupancy. If you perform any of the following behaviors without obtaining appropriate permission, consent, or authorization from respective owners, charges of criminal trespassing may follow: In the context of Ohio trespassing laws, the term ‘land,… read more

How Long After an Accident Can I Still Be Charged With a DUI in Ohio?

Drinking and driving is a serious problem in the United States, and Ohio is no exception. Unfortunately, a significant number of accidents are caused because a person decided to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. If you got into a car crash after consuming alcohol or drugs, you might wonder how long after an… read more

Consequences of Sex Offender Registry Violations in Ohio

When someone is ordered to register as a sex offender in Ohio, it is not something to take lightly. Our state takes the sex offender registry very seriously, including violations. You must understand the requirements and the potential consequences of violating registration rules.  What Is the Ohio Sex Offender Registry?  The sex offender registry is… read more

How Much Does a DUI Cost in Ohio?

A charge for DUI can affect your finances negatively. DUI costs can include court fees, fines, and license reinstatement fees, just to name a few. Fortunately, when you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, your lawyer can work to avoid many of the penalties you’d face otherwise, including fines and conviction-related fees. … read more