Sex Crimes

Are Sensual Massages Legal in Cincinnati, OH?

A sensual massage may also be referred to as an erotic massage or sexual massage. However, the most common term used for a sensual massage is a “happy ending massage.” It refers to a massage that includes touching of private areas, such as the genital and the breasts. If you receive a sensual massage or… read more

Consent Laws in Ohio

Understanding consent is a fundamental aspect of navigating society throughout Ohio and beyond. Consent laws play a crucial role in defining boundaries and ensuring respectful interactions. Knowing more about consent laws in Ohio can help keep everyone safer. For more clarity on the age of consent and safe interactions with others, contacting a Cincinnati criminal… read more

Surprising Things That Can Make You a Sex Offender

Various unexpected actions can startlingly land you on the sex offender list. As such, it’s crucial to be aware of these potential circumstances so you can protect your freedom and reputation.  The following are some surprising situations that could lead you to being required to register as a sex offender in Ohio: Urinating in Public… read more

How To Fight False Allegations of Rape in Cincinnati, OH

Dealing with false accusations of rape can be a stressful and challenging ordeal. Understandably, these allegations are treated with the utmost severity due to the possible long-term effects on the lives of all parties involved. For defendants, these allegations carry serious potential penalties, given their severe nature and the social stigma attached. There are certain… read more

Consequences of Sex Offender Registry Violations in Ohio

When someone is ordered to register as a sex offender in Ohio, it is not something to take lightly. Our state takes the sex offender registry very seriously, including violations. You must understand the requirements and the potential consequences of violating registration rules.  What Is the Ohio Sex Offender Registry?  The sex offender registry is… read more

Are Sex Offenders Required To Notify Neighbors and Employers?

Being convicted of a sex offense typically brings jail time, probation, and fines. As if this isn’t enough, you may also be required to register as a sex offender, which can have a significant impact on all aspects of your life. In some circumstances, you may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor and plead… read more

Major Signs that A Person May Be a Sexual Predator

A person who is a sexual predator by all appearances lives a normal, stable life. However, research indicates that sexual predators share certain traits or signs based on the science of criminal profiling and psychology. Note sexual deviancy is something that may be addressed with intensive counseling.  A person who falls into the category of… read more

Can a 17-year-old Girl Date an 18-Year-Old Boy? And if They Have Sexual Relations at That Age, is it Illegal in Ohio?

It’s important for 18-year-olds in Ohio to understand its age of consent laws so that they don’t inadvertently find themselves facing serious sex crimes accusations due to ignorance or misunderstanding about what constitutes an appropriate romantic relationship. What You Need to Know About Ohio’s Age of Consent Laws In Ohio, it is illegal for someone… read more

How To Prove Innocence When Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

Accusations of sexual assault and other sex crimes carry significant weight and can have devastating consequences for the accused. These allegations can ruin reputations, careers, and even entire lives, regardless of whether the accused is guilty.  The cultural and societal stigma associated with sexual assault can make it challenging for the accused to receive a… read more

Four Defenses to Statutory Rape in Cincinnati 

Facing statutory rape charges in Ohio is a scary experience, but it’s important to understand that there may be defenses available to you depending on your individual circumstances. If you’ve been charged with statutory rape, the experienced criminal defense attorneys from Suhre & Associates are here to help.  We have successfully defended countless clients facing… read more