Hamilton County Ohio Clerk of Courts Look up your court case and verify your court date, time and room number. The general public will not be able to access documents from the website. One advantage to retaining our office to represent you is that all our attorney’s are able to log into the Hamilton County CMS system to print your documents in case you lose them, including: Tickets, Administrative License Suspension, Criminal Citations, Affidavits, Complaints, and Warrants.

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View your unofficial driving record for the last three years. This is helpful to determine when the BMV receives notice of your citations and suspensions. It will also allow you to calculate current points on your license. This is also useful to audit your record to determine if you have been a victim of identity theft. You may also check on your reinstatement requirements if you are currently under suspension. There is also a link to allow you to update your address with the BMV. Take a second and verify that your driver’s license has your current address on it. Most people forget this simple but very important update when they move. This is important for several reasons. The BMV sends out random demands for proof of financial responsibility, meaning insurance, to registered owners of vehicles. If you address is not correct you will not receive the random demand. You will be suspended, even if you have insurance on the vehicle, if you fail to reply to the letter. If you are suspended, you will fail to receive notice of the suspension. Most people do not realize they are suspended until the police issue them a citation. This online personal information is protected by requiring a license & ID verification with information that is unique to you. The Supreme Court of Ohio

Maintains links to all the courts in the state that have websites. These links are sorted alphabetically by county. The majority of people issued a citation for DUI have never been to their local courthouse before, or they have to appear in a court in an unfamiliar neighborhood. All of these websites contain addresses and phone numbers to the clerk’s office for that particular court. The clerks are a very valuable resource that can help give last minute directions to court. They will provide payment option information for fines and fees. They can also confirm court dates and times. Some of the courts will have a more detailed and interactive webpage that allows people cited to court to view their own information online as their case progresses. Ohio State Highway Patrol FAQ on impaired driving in Ohio

General overview of some of the misconceptions about DUI laws in Ohio. For instance, they explain why there is no “legal limit” except “zero.” There is an explanation about why popular “DUI Charts” are unreliable and misleading. The page contains a brief article on penalties for DUI. It also gives a brief description of the three basic field sobriety tests: the Walk and Turn, One-Leg Stand and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. Talbert House

People facing their first DUI, if convicted, will at least need to attend an approved 72-hour or 3 day Driver Intervention Program or DIP. The Talbert House in Cincinnati is one such approved location. They offer a wide variety of services and programs. They are certified by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC). You can also print their Hamilton County Court Guide OVI Law J

oe Suhre is a member of the OVIlaw.com website and regularly uses its resources in preparing his cases. Much of the information on the site is available free to the public. However, there is also other highly detailed and regularly updated information available for a fee designed to assist member attorneys that are dedicated to defending Ohio OVI cases. Suhre and Associates is a member of this website.

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