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Did you get arrested for indecent exposure in Cincinnati? If so, you owe it to yourself to take immediate action to make it as challenging as possible for the state’s prosecutor to convict you and put you behind bars.

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How Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You Fight Indecent Exposure Charges in Cincinnati, OH

Enlisting the services of a Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer from Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, is one of the best ways to safeguard your freedom when charged with public indecency in the state of Ohio. 

When you hire our law firm, you’ll have a former police officer and a former prosecutor fighting for you. That can give you a leg up and help to ensure that you walk away from criminal proceedings with the best possible outcome.

Our criminal defense team will go to great lengths to keep your future safe.

Among other things, this includes:

  • Launching an investigation into the events that led to your arrest
  • Offering you astute legal advice and guidance when required
  • Working tirelessly to bail you out of police custody
  • Looking for evidence that might help your case
  • Consulting with experts about the nuances of your criminal case
  • Taking care of the administrative side of your sex crimes case
  • Providing you with honest answers to all your legal questions
  • Standing up for your constitutional rights
  • Devising an effective defense strategy for your criminal case
  • Negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecution
  • Representing your best interests at trial, if necessary

Would you like to have the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, help you with your public indecency case? Then please give us a call today to set up a free consultation at our office in Cincinnati. Our team has been practicing law in the state of Ohio for many years, and we are ready to go to battle for you.

Defining Indecent Exposure in the State of Ohio

Section 2907.09 of the Ohio Revised Code explains that it is against the law to recklessly expose your private parts, engage in sexual conduct, masturbate, or engage in behavior that makes it appear like you’re gratifying yourself or having sex, if: 

  • You are in close proximity to others
  • Others are likely to see you, and
  • Others are likely to be offended or affronted by your behavior.

When Hamilton County residents violate this Ohio statute, the police may charge them with public indecency.

Courts in the Buckeye State can classify this sex offense as a:

  • Misdemeanor of the fourth degree
  • Misdemeanor of the third degree
  • Misdemeanor of the second degree
  • Misdemeanor of the first degree, or
  • Felony of the fifth degree

The seriousness of this crime depends on the individual’s criminal history and whether or not the person that witnessed their indecent conduct was a minor.

Were you charged with indecent exposure in Cincinnati, OH? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers. We might be able to use our experience in the legal field to help you get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Consequences of Ohio Public Indecency Convictions

When a Cincinnati resident pleads guilty to public indecency, they usually receive a hefty fine and a lengthy jail or prison term. The precise nature of their punishment depends on the seriousness of their offense:

  • Misdemeanors of the Fourth Degree: As long as 30 days in county jail and a fine of up to $250
  • Misdemeanors of the Third Degree: As long as 60 days in county jail and a fine of up to $500
  • Misdemeanors of the Second Degree: As long as 90 days in county jail and a fine of up to $750
  • Misdemeanors of the First Degree: As long as 180 days in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000
  • Felonies of the Fifth Degree: As long as 12 months in state prison and a fine of as much as $2,500

When courts in Ohio convict Cincinnati residents of public indecency, they also give them a permanent criminal record. Their record may cause them to experience collateral consequences, such as:

  • Immigration Challenges: People with criminal records often have a lot of trouble renewing their Green Cards.
  • Trouble Finding Housing: Landlords in Cincinnati often have some reservations about renting homes to convicted criminals.
  • Difficulty Landing a Job: Having a criminal record can disqualify an individual from working in some professions.
  • Enhanced Future Penalties: When a person with a criminal record gets in trouble with the law again in the future, their penalties can be more severe than usual.
  • Loss of Privacy: The friends and colleagues of convicted criminals can learn more about their crimes by doing a brief online search.

People who commit crimes like rape, sexual assault, and public indecency in Ohio must also register as sex offenders. The length of time the convict must remain on the registry depends on the tier in which the court opts to place them.

  • Tier I: Offenders have to register for 15 years
  • Tier II: Offenders have to register for 25 years
  • Tier III: Offenders have to register for the rest of their lives

For as long as an individual stays on the Ohio sex offender registry, they must deal with rules and restrictions like:

  • Not having permission to speak to kids without prior consent
  • Not being allowed to work with children and vulnerable adults
  • Having the police monitor their computer use
  • Not having permission to consume alcoholic beverages
  • Not being allowed to live near schools

The knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, have been helping Cincinnati residents avoid the negative consequences of public indecency convictions for many years. We know what it takes to persuade judges to dismiss our clients’ cases. If you would like to have us stand up for you, please give us a call today.

Defenses Against Public Indecency Charges in Ohio

When charged with a criminal offense like public indecency, many people think it is just a matter of time before the state’s prosecutor convicts them and puts them behind bars. In reality, most people who get arrested for crimes of this nature have legal options that can help them to get their charges dismissed or reduced.

Defense strategies that typically prove to be the most effective in public indecency cases include:

Lack of Evidence

To convict someone of a crime like indecent exposure in the state of Ohio, prosecutors have to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In most cases, they accomplish this goal by presenting the court with a mountain of relevant evidence.

However, if a defense lawyer can successfully argue that the prosecution has not brought forth enough evidence to meet their burden of proof, the jury may decide to acquit the defendant.

Lack of Intent

In the state of Ohio, it is not illegal for a person to expose themselves by accident. So, if a lawyer can prove that their client’s private parts became viewable to witnesses after the wind blew their skirt or their belt snapped off, they should be able to get their case dismissed.

For an individual to be guilty of public indecency, they must knowingly or recklessly expose themselves to an unwilling party. It is not illegal for an Ohio resident to display their private parts to another consenting adult.

When attorneys present proof that their client’s actions were consensual, they can usually get their charges dropped quite quickly. 

Mistaken Identity

It is, unfortunately, not at all uncommon for police officers in Cincinnati to inadvertently arrest the wrong person in public indecency cases. Mistakes of this nature occur especially frequently when the illegal conduct occurs at night or in poorly lit areas.

When attorneys prove that their client was the victim of mistaken identity, they usually have little trouble getting their case dismissed.

Do you want to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer from our law firm review your public indecency case and help you develop an effective legal strategy? Then please reach out to us today to schedule a free initial consultation at our law offices in Cincinnati. We have handled many cases like yours in the past, so you can be confident that we will point you in the right direction.

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