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Were you arrested on suspicion of committing a felony in Cincinnati, Ohio? If so, it is in your best interests to act quickly. Felonies are the most serious crimes in the state of Ohio – and prosecutors will work hard to get a conviction.

Fortunately, you don’t have to defend yourself on your own. The experienced Cincinnati felony lawyers from Suhre & Associates, LLC will stand beside you and fight to help you secure the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

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Why You Need Suhre & Associates, LLC In Your Corner When Fighting Felony Charges in Cincinnati

Enlisting the services of an accomplished Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer from Suhre & Associates, LLC, is one of the smartest things you can do when facing felony charges in the state of Ohio. Collectively, our attorneys have 100+ years of experience defending clients against the most serious and complex criminal charges. We know what you’re up against and have the skills and resources that will be necessary to help you assert a strong defense.

Our legal team will assist you with your criminal case by:

  • Protecting your constitutional rights
  • Answering your legal questions
  • Helping you understand your legal options
  • Searching for exculpatory evidence
  • Negotiating a plea bargain deal with the prosecution
  • Representing your best interests in court, if needed

Over the years, the knowledgeable trial lawyers at Suhre & Associates, LLC, have defended countless Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents against felony charges. During that time, we have secured many favorable verdicts on behalf of our clients. If you would like to have us go to battle for you, please fill in our contact form and send us a message as soon as you can.

What is a Felony Offense?

In the state of Ohio, felonies are the most serious crimes an individual can commit. They typically come with terms of imprisonment that last at least twelve months.

While people who commit misdemeanors can serve out their sentences in the county jail, felons must generally go to state prison.

Is the state of Ohio accusing you of committing a felony? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled criminal defense attorney from Suhre & Associates, LLC. We represent clients from every corner of the Buckeye State, and we are ready to fight tirelessly for your freedom.

What Types of Felony Cases Can Our Ohio Law Firm Handle?

The experienced felony defense attorneys at Suhre & Associates, LLC, have an in-depth understanding of Ohio law – and can handle just about any criminal case. However, we are incredibly well-versed in the following practice areas:

Sex Crimes

Police officers in Ohio regularly arrest Cincinnati residents for sex crimes like:

  • Gross sexual imposition
  • Importuning
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor
  • Rape
  • Sexual battery

When these arrests occur, our firm is always available to help defendants fight to clear their names.

Violent Crimes

When Cincinnati residents behave violently, law enforcement officers may charge them with: 

Over the years, our legal team has helped numerous clients get these charges dropped or reduced.

Drug Crimes

When Cincinnati residents carry, sell, manufacture, or transport controlled substances, the police can arrest them for:

At Suhre & Associates, LLC, we regularly help clients beat these drug charges.

Drunk Driving

In most cases, Ohio courts punish drunk driving as a misdemeanor. However, when Cincinnatians get caught driving under the influence for the fourth time in ten years or a sixth time in 20 years, the state has the right to charge them with a felony.

Our knowledgeable lawyers have been helping Cincinnati residents avoid the negative consequences of felony DUI convictions for years.

Theft Crimes

Law enforcement officers in Hamilton County regularly take Cincinnatians into custody on suspicion of committing theft offenses like:

  • Theft
  • Grand theft
  • Aggravated theft

People who face these charges can always count on Suhre & Associates, LLC, to help them fight to avoid going to prison.

Weapons Crimes

People who carry or unlawfully use their firearms in the state of Ohio can face charges like:

  • Illegal possession of a concealed weapon
  • Possession of a firearm in a school safety zone
  • Possession of a defaced firearm
  • Carrying a firearm while under disability

Over the years, our law firm has helped many clients beat weapons charges like these.

Do you need a skilled criminal defense attorney from Suhre & Associates, LLC, to help you fight back against your felony charges? Then please call today to set up a free consultation at our law office in Cincinnati. We know what it takes to win cases like yours, and we are ready to fight for you.

What Are the Penalties for Felony Convictions in Ohio?

The criminal penalties for a felony conviction in Ohio depend on the severity of the offense. When determining a sentence, judges usually refer to the following guidelines:

  • Fifth-Degree Felonies: A fine of up to $2,500 and as long as 12 months in prison.
  • Fourth-Degree Felonies: A fine of up to $5,000 and as long as 18 months in prison.
  • Third-Degree Felonies: A fine of up to $10,000 and as long as 60 months in prison.
  • Second-Degree Felonies: A fine of up to $15,000 and as long as eight years in prison.
  • First-Degree Felonies: A fine of up to $20,000 and as long as 11 years in prison.

In Ohio, judges have the authority to extend the maximum prison terms for people who commit felonies of the first or second degree by 50 percent.

At Suhre & Associates, LLC, we have helped Ohio residents fight to avoid the negative consequences of felony convictions for years. All you need to do is give us a call or contact our team online to have us do the same for you. 

What Are the Best Defenses Against Ohio Felony Charges?

Felony charges do not have to become felony convictions. Cincinnatians frequently get their charges dismissed or reduced by:

  • Arguing that the prosecution has not proved their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Claiming that the state violated their constitutional rights during their investigation or arrest
  • Proving that they were elsewhere when the crime occurred
  • Claiming that another person forced them to break the law using violence or the threat of violence

Would you like to have the attorneys at Suhre & Associates, LLC, help you devise an effective defense strategy for your case? Then please reach out to us today to schedule a meeting at our law office in Cincinnati. Our team has many years of experience in the industry and is ready to do whatever it takes to assist you with your case.

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