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Criminal charges relating to drugs carry severe penalties in Ohio. So when you face drug paraphernalia charges, you need trusted legal advice. Our Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience fighting for the people of Cincinnati.

Never assume that you can talk your way out of drug charges or that your clean criminal record will result in a light sentence. It is always in your best interest to talk with a Cincinnati drug paraphernalia lawyer before accepting a plea deal or talking to the police.

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How Our Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You Defend Yourself 

Facing charges relating to drug crimes can be frightening. You do not need to face the charges alone. You can have the experience, skills, and resources of an award-winning legal team on your side. 

When you hire Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, as your Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer, you can expect us to:

  • Provide sound legal advice and objective assessments of your case
  • Investigate the circumstances of your arrest to gather evidence 
  • Use the latest technology and effective courtroom strategies to create an aggressive defense strategy
  • Provide guidance through every step of the judicial process
  • Negotiate fair plea agreements when going to trial is not an option

We fight to get your charges dismissed when possible. If not, we negotiate the best plea deal possible based on the facts of your case. Our attorneys include a former police officer and a former prosecutor. Therefore, we understand how law enforcement agencies and prosecutors think. 

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What is Considered Drug Paraphernalia in Ohio?

Ohio law defines drug paraphernalia as any material, product, or equipment of any kind used by someone or designed for use with a controlled substance. These uses include:

  • Cultivating
  • Manufacturing
  • Compounding
  • Propagating
  • Growing
  • Converting
  • Harvesting
  • Packaging
  • Testing
  • Preparing
  • Processing
  • Injecting
  • Inhaling
  • Concealing
  • Storing

Essentially, any instrument used in connection with a controlled substance may be considered drug paraphernalia. Examples of drug paraphernalia may include measuring scales, plastic baggies, storage containers, and growing equipment. It can also include bongs, needles, syringes, and smoking paper. 

The drug paraphernalia statute is relatively broad. Therefore, law enforcement officers use this statute to charge people for drug crimes when they might not be guilty of crimes involving an illegal substance. 

What Are the Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia in Cincinnati, OH?

A conviction for possession of drug paraphernalia stays on your criminal record unless the charge is a minor misdemeanor. Minor misdemeanors may be expunged if you meet the requirements. The type of charge and the criminal penalty depend on the drug paraphernalia in your possession and the drugs associated with the paraphernalia. 

For example, possessing drug paraphernalia associated with marijuana in your possession is a minor misdemeanor. You can be charged with a $150 fine but no jail time

However, having drug paraphernalia associated with other drugs in your possession can result in a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge. You can serve up to 30 days in jail and pay a $250 fine for a conviction. 

Advertising or dealing drug paraphernalia to an adult is a second-degree misdemeanor. A conviction carries up to 90 days in jail and a $750 fine. However, if you sell or advertise drug paraphernalia to a minor, the charge is a first-degree misdemeanor with up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Drug Crimes Associated with Drug Paraphernalia Charges

Drug paraphernalia charges are usually associated with other drug offenses. These charges are in addition to criminal charges for:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Cultivating marijuana and drug cultivation
  • Intent to sell drugs
  • Corrupting another with drugs
  • Permitting drug abuse
  • Tampering with drugs

Contact our Cincinnati drug crime attorney if you are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Criminal charges on your record could have a significant impact on your future. 

In addition to fines and jail time, you could lose your driving privileges. As a result, you may have problems maintaining a professional license. Furthermore, a criminal record could make you ineligible for student loans and other government aid.

Separate Charges for Drug Abuse Instruments

Ohio Revised Code §2925.12 makes it illegal to knowingly make, possess, use, or obtain any instrument, thing, or article that has the primary purpose of administering or using dangerous drugs other than marijuana. The charge for this drug offense is a second-degree misdemeanor. 

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