Cincinnati is nestled along the northern banks of the Ohio River and is home to diverse neighborhoods, colorful festivals, and unique eateries. It is a relatively small city, having an estimated population of approximately 300,000, according to the 2020 census. Cincinnati’s smaller size does not mean it does not experience crime, however.

According to recent data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cincinnati does not experience the same amount of violent crime as cities like Columbus or Cleveland. This does not mean that Cincinnati is wholly safe. Porkopolis, as the city was once known, had 2,562 reports of violent crime in one recent year, about the same number as Toledo.

Safe Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

CincyInsights maintains data and statistics concerning crime in the city. As of 2019, some of the safest neighborhoods in Cincinnati included:

Sayler Park

Sayler Park is located on the west end of Cincinnati, with a west edge that borders the Ohio River and a southeast side that is adjacent to the Riverside neighborhood. According to CincyInsights, in 2019 there were only 13 crimes of all types per 100 people, the lowest crime rate of any Cincinnati neighborhood.

Hyde Park

According to CincyInsights, Hyde Park tied for Sayler Park as one of the safest neighborhoods in Cincinnati in 2019. It, too, had a crime rate of 13 crimes per 100 people. 

Hyde Park is located in the southeast portion of the city, nestled between the Mt. Lookout, Evanston, and Oakley neighborhoods.

Mt. Lookout

The Hyde Park-adjacent neighborhood of Mt. Lookout also had a low crime rate of only 14 crimes per 100 people in 2019. Mt. Lookout is just to the east of Hyde Park, north of the Linwood and Columbia-Tusculum neighborhoods, and north of the East End.

Most Dangerous Areas of Cincinnati

The most dangerous areas of Cincinnati, at least according to CincyInsights’s 2019 data, tend to be in the south-central areas of the city. For these areas, crime was measured per capita, which means that data is expressed in terms of the number of crimes of which a person is statistically the victim.

English Woods

The English Woods neighborhood is located north and slightly west of the city center between the Westwood neighborhoods, north Fairmont, and Camp Washington. 

According to CincyInsights, the English Woods neighborhood had a per capita crime rate of 2.3, which means that each person was, on average, the victim of slightly more than two crimes.

Central Business District and Riverfront

The Central Business District and Riverfront areas had a per capita crime rate of 1.3 in 2019. The area is located in the south center of Cincinnati and encompasses Cincinnati’s downtown and sporting venues, among other attractions. 

South Fairmont and Sedamsville

Both South Fairmont and Sedamsville recorded approximately 1.2 crimes per person in 2019, making them tied for the distinction of being the third most dangerous neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

South Fairmont is slightly north and west of downtown Cincinnati and just north of the Price Hill neighborhoods. Sedamsville is located along the Ohio River, west of downtown, and between Riverside and East Price Hill.

A Note About Crime Statistics

Crime statistics like those found on CincyInsights can be useful in identifying where crime occurs. However, many factors go into criminal activity. Crime can occur anywhere, even in so-called safe neighborhoods.

By being aware of your surroundings, hiding valuables from view, and traveling with others, you can reduce the chances that you will be the victim of crime no matter which neighborhoods you visit in Cincinnati.

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