The Ohio Department of Education complies with Title IX. If your child was accused of a Title IX violation in Ohio, you are probably panicking. You may be worried your child will be kicked out of school, face criminal charges, or damage their reputation. Perhaps you don’t know anything about Title IX. 

The reality is that whatever stress and confusion you are experiencing, your son is probably experiencing more of it. As a parent, your job is to help support and protect your child first and foremost. There are several ways that you can do that throughout the Title IX process. 

Support Your Child in Person When Possible 

The first step is to let your son know that you are in his corner. You can do this by being physically present after learning about the allegations. If your child goes to a local college, this may be easy. However, if you live out of state, this may warrant a trip.

You don’t want to intervene too much in your son’s life, but your presence will show them you are there if and when he needs help. Most students will appreciate this support because the stress of the allegations can affect their personal life, academics, and mental health.

In some cases, it may be best for your son to return home or take classes virtually. This can reduce some of the social pressure around Title IX allegations.

Help Your Child Access Mental Health Treatment 

It doesn’t matter if the allegations are true or false. Most people who are accused of Title IX misconduct can benefit from mental health treatment. That’s because it is incredibly stressful to be accused of sexual misconduct, no matter the circumstances.

You can help your son connect with therapists and counselors to process the allegations. Mental health treatment will help them handle the process better and prepare for the road ahead. It may include creating a plan for the future in case they are disciplined or letting them know that their life will continue, no matter the outcome.

Hire an Experienced Cincinnati Title IX Attorney

A Title IX attorney will be your most valuable resource during this stressful time. 

A Title IX defense lawyer can:

  • Give your child legal advice
  • Explain the Title IX process
  • Investigate the case
  • Represent your son at disciplinary hearings
  • Speak on behalf of your son
  • Ensure that Title IX investigators follow the proper procedure
  • Appeal disciplinary actions 
  • In some cases, help protect your child from criminal charges 

A Cincinnati Title IX lawyer will handle all aspects of the legal case while you focus on supporting your child emotionally. By hiring a lawyer early on in the Title IX process, you can ensure the best outcome for your child.

Don’t Ask Your Son Too Many Questions Regarding the Title IX Allegations

It’s normal to want to get the full story from your child – especially if you think he is innocent. 

However, you should remember that your son might be overwhelmed by all of the questions. Between the lawyer and investigators, your son has probably told the story over and over again. You don’t want to add to the pressure and start an inquisition.

Plus, it can hurt your child if you know too much about the case. That’s because you could be called as a witness in a subsequent criminal matter. If your son were to confess misconduct to you, you must testify honestly if called. 

It’s better to support your child without asking too many questions. You can let the lawyer get to the bottom of the allegations. Your role is to unconditionally support and love your child. 

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