There are no shortages of lawyers, either in Cincinnati or throughout the country. While this means you have the power to choose who represents you in your Ohio DUI case, this choice can become overwhelming. 

With a little investigation, though, you can make an informed and solid choice of representation. 

Talking with Family and Friends

Many people begin their search for an attorney by asking trusted friends and family members for recommendations. While this can be a good source of potential attorneys, be careful. A lawyer who helped your parents prepare their wills may not be the right person to handle your DUI charges.

Even if your friends or family recommend an Ohio DUI lawyer to you, differences in your friend’s or family member’s case and personality can mean their recommendation is not the best choice for you.

Where and How to Find Your Cincinnati DUI Lawyer

A quick internet search will yield numerous results for possible attorneys. 

Before choosing an attorney at random, consider the following:

  • Does this attorney practice primarily or exclusively in DUI law?
  • Does this attorney have criminal trial experience?
    • Is this attorney’s website informative and up-to-date?
  • Does this attorney offer free or low-cost initial consultations?
  • Do you feel comfortable working with this attorney?

Ultimately, the right attorney for you will be one who possesses several positive characteristics.

Knowledgeable and Well-Versed in DUI Law

Different states use different terms for driving under the influence. Ohio laws prohibit operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This charge is known as an “OVI” for short.

In 2021, the Ohio State Highway Patrol made over 200 OVI enforcement stops in Hamilton County.

Ohio’s DUI laws and the way they impact your case are affected by decisions from Ohio appellate courts as well as the Supreme Court of the United States. DUI law, therefore, is always changing. You want an attorney who has an intimate knowledge of Ohio’s DUI statutes as well as the court cases that impact their application to your situation.

Do not hire a DUI lawyer based solely on their years of experience. Review their blog or other available information to ascertain how current they remain on DUI law. Outdated blog entries referring to old statutes may indicate the attorney does not practice much DUI law or does not prioritize these cases as part of their practice.

Willing to Fight for You

Next, you will want to look at whether an attorney you are researching is willing to fight for you both at trial and before. Although most DUI cases are resolved through plea agreements with the prosecution, you deserve an attorney who will take your case to trial if you have a valid defense or if the plea offer made to you is not a good deal.

Someone with Whom You Can Speak Candidly

Finally, once you sit down with a prospective DUI attorney, take note of how you feel when talking with them. Do they make you feel at ease? Do you feel as though you can share information freely with them? Do you feel that they are truly listening to your questions and concerns?

Finding an attorney with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you can easily communicate is a crucial step in the process of selecting the right DUI lawyer. You need to share both positive and negative information with your lawyer, and they need to advise you in a way that is both candid and understandable.

Many DUI Lawyers Offer a Free Consultation

Be prepared to interview several lawyers before deciding who will represent you. You want an attorney who is knowledgeable, has experience with DUI cases, and will fight for you. Many DUI attorneys offer a free consultation, so take advantage of this to find the right lawyer for your situation. 

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