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Why Choose Suhre & Associates?

We are on your side. You need a partner to stand up for you – and Suhre & Associates will do just that.

Dependable, Caring

We want to put you at ease and help you feel comfortable about every part of the process. We know the penalties for a DUI – losing your driving privileges, paying fines or spending time in jail – are frightening. We want to work with you to create a defense to minimize damages, keep your record clean and protect your future.

Need Professional Help With Your DUI In CincinnatiDaytonNorthern KentuckyColumbus,Lexington or Chicago?Then Contact Suhre & Associates for your FREE Consultation using the contact form to the left or call our 24 Hour Emergency Number at 513 333 0014 for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, 614 827 2000 in the Columbus area and 859 685 1021 in the Lexington, Kentucky area.

Technology Savvy

Suhre & Associates uses thorough investigation techniques, the latest technology and effective courtroom presentation to create an aggressive DUI defense for you.


Principal of the firm Joe Suhre was named Leading Lawyer in the field of DUI Defense for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 by Cincy Magazine.


All Suhre & Associates attorneys are experienced and dedicated to help you with your DUI or other legal issues.

Joe Suhre is a former police officer who uses his investigative experience and training to the benefit of his clients. Properly investigating a case increases the opportunities to develop an effective defense strategy.

At Suhre & Associates, our attorneys are familiar with all courts and judges in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, and Warren County, Ohio, Campbell, Kenton and Boone County, Kentucky, and the counties in and near Columbus. When we are asked to travel outside of these counties, we have contacts throughout the state of Ohio to obtain the inside information about the unwritten policies and preferences of the local judges.

What to Consider When Selecting a DUI Attorney

  • It’s important to retain an attorney you are comfortable with and confident in.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak with several attorneys before deciding which one you will hire.
  • Each lawyer will have their own style and area of experience.
  • Experience is a very important factor to consider when hiring an attorney to defend your DUI case. An attorney with experience fighting cases will be more likely to develop effective defenses and locate weak points in the prosecutor’s case. Don’t be afraid to ask the lawyer how many motions to suppress and trials they do a month or year. That will be one of the best gauges as to the experience level of a DUI attorney.
  • It’s important to retain an attorney who is familiar not only with the law, but also with the differing views and policies of the various courts and even the judges within those courts.

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