If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you should hire a DUI defense attorney to represent you. A lawyer can make or break your case. Without one, you may be confused by the criminal procedure, overpowered by the prosecutor, and more likely to be convicted.

Most people who are charged with a DUI, especially for the first time, don’t realize that it’s expensive. Not just to hire a lawyer but also to pay for the fines and fees associated with a conviction. 

By understanding the cost of a DUI, you can make the best choice when hiring a lawyer. 

Some DUIs Are More Serious Than Others

Some DUI cases are more serious than others. A DUI In Ohio, (also known as an OVI) has more significant penalties depending on the factors of your case. 

This can make a case more complex and therefore require your lawyer to work harder. When your lawyer puts in more hours on your case, they usually charge more to represent you.

Some of the different types of DUIs include:

Most types of DUIs can have increased penalties if you have a prior DUI conviction, or you have an elevated BAC at the time of your arrest.

Cost Of Being Convicted Of A DUI 

If you are convicted of a DUI in Cincinnati, there will be significant costs and penalties in addition to paying attorneys fees. 

For a first-time DUI, the fine is between $375-$1,075. A second offense carries a fine of $525 – $1,625, and a third offense can carry a fine of $850 – $2,750. If you are convicted of a fourth or subsequent DUI, you can receive a fine of up to $10,500. 

In addition to the fines, in some cases, you are also required to pay for expenses like:

  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Driver’s intervention program
  • Alcohol treatment program 
  • License reinstatement fees 
  • Ignition Interlock installation and monitoring

Furthermore, there might be other costly collateral consequences of a DUI conviction, including higher insurance premiums. 

How Much Does A DUI Attorney Cost?

The total cost of your DUI attorney will vary from case to case, and lawyer to lawyer. Some lawyers will charge a flat fee depending on the type of DUI that you are charged with. This is very common in first-offense cases. Other lawyers may charge by the hour or every month.

Most lawyers will consider the severity of your charges and the complexity of your case. If they anticipate that the case will go to trial, it will require more work. That means that your lawyer will probably charge you more. This is very common in felony DUI cases or aggravated DUI cases. 

While some lawyers offer a payment plan, not every lawyer does. A payment plan is a great option for people to access legal representation when they can’t afford to pay all of the fees upfront or at the end of the case. Especially if they are facing other financial consequences of a conviction. You should speak with your lawyer to see how they charge fees and what they expect your DUI case to cost.

Contact an Experienced DUI Lawyer for Help

Ultimately, everyone wants to hire the best lawyer possible so that they can avoid a conviction. You need to balance the cost of the lawyer, with the potential risks of losing your case. If you hire a more expensive lawyer and then beat the charges, you might end up paying less in the long run. Always interview your lawyer so that you fully understand their track record and the value that they bring to your case.

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