If you’ve recently been charged with a crime in Ohio, it’s important not to wait to hire a criminal defense lawyer. However, before you hire an attorney in Cincinnati, you’ll have an initial consultation. During this meeting, you have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the attorney, their strategies, and history.

10 Questions For Your Potential Cincinnati Criminal Defense Attorney

There are several details you may want to know about your lawyer. Make sure you ask these ten questions during your consultation: 

1. How Long Have You Practiced Criminal Law?

You may be curious about your lawyer’s past and experience. How long have they been an attorney? Have they always practiced criminal law? What inspired them to be a criminal defense lawyer?

Every lawyer has different motivations and backgrounds. It’s interesting to know how your potential attorney got their start and what led them to be where they are today.

2. Do You Focus Your Practice Exclusively On Criminal Law?

Not every criminal defense attorney focuses on criminal law. Instead, some lawyers practice several areas of law.

While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a lawyer who does a little bit of everything, it’s best to have an attorney who focuses on criminal law. When a lawyer practices criminal law exclusively, they’re usually a bit more knowledgeable and experienced in that area.

3. How Often Do Your Cases Go To Trial?

Every criminal case does not end up at trial. A majority of cases end in plea deals, which allows defendants to avoid jury trials altogether. 

Trials can be expensive and time-consuming. Inquire about your potential lawyer’s strategies to avoid trial. 

4. Have You Handled Cases Like Mine in the Past?

It’s typically best to hire a lawyer who’s handled cases like yours in the past, like DUIs or drug crimes. This can help you feel more confident that your case is in capable hands.

Ask your potential attorney about previous cases they’ve had that resemble yours and their outcomes. This can give you a good idea of what may happen in your case.

5. What Are Your Initial Thoughts Regarding My Case?

After the lawyer has gotten some background information about your situation, you can ask them about their initial thoughts. Your lawyer may need additional details to have a bigger picture, but they will be able to provide their preliminary thoughts and opinions. 

6. What Penalties Could I Face For My Crime?

Every state has varying laws concerning crimes and punishment, especially considering whether the crime is a felony. Your potential Cincinnati defense attorney can help you understand the penalties you may face for your specific charges.

Defense lawyers have different fee structures. Many charge a retainer and then by the hour, while others charge flat fees. Ask about your attorney’s legal fees so you can make a financial plan for your defense. 

8. Will You Be Handling My Case Personally?

In a firm with several lawyers, the attorney you meet with may not be the one personally handling your case. Ask your attorney if they will be taking on your case, and if not, ask to meet the lawyer who will.

9. How Do You Handle Client Communication?

Every lawyer handles client communication differently, from frequency to preferred method of communication. Ask your attorney how often you can expect to hear from them, and if you have to contact them, what method of communication they prefer.

10. How Long Will the Whole Process Take?

Ask your potential lawyer how long they think it may take to resolve your case. This can give you some peace of mind as you proceed with the process. 

Getting To Know Your Cincinnati Criminal Defense Attorney Is Key

After being charged with a crime in Cincinnati, Ohio, finding an experienced criminal defense lawyer who suits your needs is essential. You’ll spend plenty of time communicating and working with your lawyer and doing so with an attorney you trust can make all the difference. 

Contact a Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyer If You’re Facing Charges

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