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DUI Case
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"I found Joe doing a google search and couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. From the get-go I had confidence knowing he was on my case. He was detailed, knowledgeable, responsive and he made me feel like his most important client. Give Joe a call, you will know within a couple minutes of speaking with him that you need to look no further."
DUI Case
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“Joe did an excellent job of detailing the entire case, the legal process and potential outcomes. Most importantly for me, Joe was responsive to my questions via email which helped me remain calm as the case progressed. Ultimately, Joe was able to achieve an outcome that was incredible for me and above and beyond my expectation.”

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My name is Joe Suhre, principal of Suhre & Associates, LLC. My firm is committed to providing excellent legal representation and customer service for all of our clients. Whether you need an attorney for a Cincinnati DUI or OVI, a criminal charge, a family law matter, or immigration matter – you can count on Suhre & Associates, LLC to provide you with the needed help.

In fact, my firm provides such dependable representation that one or more of our attorneys has been named a leading Cincinnati DUI Attorney by Cincy Magazine, Rising Star Super Lawyer – DUI, or Rising Star Super Lawyer – Family Law the last nine years in a row.

Contact Suhre & Associates to schedule an in office or telephone consultation using the contact form to the right or our 24-Hour Emergency Number at 513-592-3291 in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

  • We really do welcome your call.
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  • During the day, we’ll return your call promptly if we are not available when you call – during non-business hours, our answering service will connect you with an attorney.  We have an attorney on call 24/7.
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  • And if for some reason we can’t help you, we will put you in touch with the very best attorneys in town…that’s our promise to you.

If you want to discover more about what you’re facing after a DUI arrest, in a pending Family Law matter or to learn more about immigration, spend a few minutes at our Ohio DUI section or our Family Law or Immigration sections of the website – or just give us a call and ask to speak with an attorney, we’re happy to help.

An Award Winning Cincinnati DUI and Criminal Defense Law Firm

With extensive DUI representation experience, my award-winning legal defense team will work to keep your record clean and protect your future. My team uses thorough investigation techniques, the latest technology and highly effective courtroom presentation to create a complete DUI defense for you.

All of the criminal defense attorneys representing this firm are experienced with DUI defense and dedicated to helping you with your DUI or other legal issues. Our defense attorney team includes both a former police officer and former Prosecuting Attorneys.

Suhre & Associates utilizes our training and experience to anticipate the tactics used by the prosecution and law enforcement – all to lessen and diminish the case brought against you.

Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

Issues raised during a family law matter will arguably impact the rest of your life and the lives of your children. It is important that you consult with attorneys that have the skill and experience to put you in the best position possible to favorably negotiate your matter and then litigate the case if the discussions break down.

At Suhre & Associates, LLC. we have experienced attorneys to assist you with your initial questions, such as, financial planning before your divorce or the impact of your school district in a custody case. In almost every family law matter, cases are won and lost based upon your action or inaction long before you retain counsel. The earlier you receive proper advice, the greater the likelihood that you will be pleased with the outcome.

Choosing the right attorney will have a significant impact on case. We believe that preparation, communication and dedication set us apart from others in our industry. We look forward to working for you.

Immigration Law Representation and Counsel

Suhre & Associates, LLC can help you and your family (spouse and children who qualify for dependent nonimmigrant classification) with options to come to the United States lawfully as a nonimmigrant to work temporarily in the United States.

Suhre & Associates, LLC can help you and your family (spouse and children who qualify for dependent immigrant classification) with options to come to the United States to live permanently (i.e., green card holders).

If you want to apply for a green card (permanent residence) based on a permanent job offer in the United States, or if you are an employer that wants to sponsor an employee for a green card based on a permanent job offer, please contact Suhre & Associates, LLC for more information and to discuss options.

You may be able to remain in the United States if you have suffered persecution or fear that you will suffer persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, and/or political opinion. You may apply for a green card one year after having been granted asylum. Please contact Suhre & Associates, LLC for more information and to discuss options.

A person may be able to obtain a green card by self-petitioning (i.e., without needing employer or job offer) for either by possessing “Extraordinary Ability” or by having been granted “National Interest Waiver.” Individuals of extraordinary ability are considered to be the best of the best in their field and apply to a few who achieved great successes in their field.

Please contact Suhre & Associates, LLC for more information and to discuss options.

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If you’ve received a DUI, contact us at 513-333-0014 or one of our other office numbers – or use the contact form, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for your free consultation.

We offer a free telephone or in-office consultation on all DUI cases.

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Contact us immediately so we can work with you to create a DUI/OVI defense strategy for you because in Ohio and Kentucky, there are important deadlines that must be met for DUI cases.

In Ohio, you only have 30 days from the arraignment to file an appeal of the Administrative License Suspension (ALS). And you only have 35 days from arraignment to file a motion to suppress evidence, so moving quickly is very important.

Consult with an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines. Call 513-333-0014 or use the contact form today for your free consultation.

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