Issues raised during a Family Law matter will arguably impact the rest of your life and the lives of your children. It is important that you consult with attorneys that have the skill and experience to put you in the best position possible to favorably negotiate your matter and then litigate the case if the discussions break down.

At Suhre & Associates, LLC. we have experienced Family Law Attorneys to assist you with your initial questions, such as, financial planning before your divorce or the impact of your school district in a custody case. In almost every Family Law matter, cases are won and lost based upon your action or inaction long before you retain counsel. The earlier you receive proper advice, the greater the likelihood that you will be pleased with the outcome.

Choosing the right Family Law and Divorce Attorney will have a significant impact on your case. We believe that preparation, communication and dedication set us apart from others in our industry. We look forward to working for you.

Suhre & Associates Cincinnati Legal Team
Suhre & Associates Cincinnati Legal Team

Ohio Family Law Attorneys

We look forward to assisting you with family law issues that may arise in Ohio. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Cincinnati. We have trained mediators and experienced litigators to assist you with all aspects of your family law case.

As in most civil cases, there are six stages within any family law matter that our clients can expect to encounter. They are: Consultation; Investigation; Negotiation; Mediation; Litigation and Resolution. We believe it is extremely important to keep a client informed and prepared for every stage of their case. Knowledge of the process removes a significant amount of anxiety from an already emotionally charged event.

1) Consultation:

For some, the decision to hire a family law attorney is their first experience with the law or speaking with an attorney. If you have not been referred to us by a prior client, please take the time to read the reviews of some of our former clients before meeting with us. At the initial consultation, we recommend you bring a list of questions to make sure we cover all of your questions. During your initial meeting it is our goal to listen to your concerns, determine if we are able to assist you and then provide you with a roadmap to success as you define it.

2) Investigation:

The first stage with any case is the gathering of facts and evidence. The securing of admissible evidence early in the case is essential to successful negotiation and later, potential litigation. If you are contemplating a divorce, most of the evidence should be obtained before you ever file the complaint. If you and your spouse are discussing a dissolution, there is an expectation that each party will have equal unfettered access to all of the evidence (financial records, etc.).

3) Negotiation:

Negotiation is the most efficient way to resolve any dispute. The process of negotiation requires that both parties comprehend the benefit of efficiently resolving the matter without the unnecessary time and expense of litigation. We cannot over emphasis the importance of coming to the negotiation table in position strength. You improve your status at the negotiation table through preparation , goal setting, (including pre-determined acceptable alternative goals) and finally, listing more than talking during session.

4) Mediation:

When parties are unable to resolve their differences through negotiation, in some circumstances, a third party mediator may be able to find a middle ground. Mediation may take place with or without counsel, however any resolution is non-binding until it is reduced to a written agreement and filed with the Court.

5) Litigation:

We prepare for every case with the expectation that the matter will proceed to trial and be decided by the judge. There are certain circumstances when it is not in the best interest of a client to proceed to trial, however the process of preparing for trial often lends itself to a stronger position during the first stages in the case. Litigation involves the disclosure of lay and expert witnesses, depositions, exchange of exhibits and finally a trial before the court. Often the outcome of a family law case turns on the testimony of each party and their perceived credibility based upon their direct testimony and how they withstand cross-examination. Once again, preparation and experience is the key to success at this stage.

6) Resolution:

After your written agreement is put into the record or your case is decided by the court, the work is not necessarily complete. We will also advise you and prepare the necessary Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDRO’s) required to divide retirement accounts without tax consequences. You may also need a Quit Claim Deed prepared to extinguish your ex-spouses’ ownership interest in your real estate. Finally, we will be able to assist you with the revision of your will or trust.

Ohio Family Law Practice Areas:

If you should need help with any Family Law Issue or Divorce in Ohio, or you have friends or family that need assistance, please call us at (513)333-0014 for a free phone consultation.

If you are facing a family law issue in Ohio, it is important to find the best legal representation possible.

Divorce, separation and custody issues can all be emotionally damaging, life-altering events. And other family law issues, such as adoption can be emotionally draining.

Our primary goal is to work with you and your family to find the best solution for everyone involved.

Divorce is devastating to a family, but can be particularly so for children involved in this process.

We can draw on years of experience and our sensitivity and compassion to lessen the negative impacts on everyone involved- particularly the kids. We are here to help you and your family.

We have significant experience in the following areas of Ohio Family Law:

DIVORCE: I am able to help with any issue – from mediation to courtroom battles.

CHILD CUSTODY ISSUES: I am prepared to work in the best interest of the children, striving to reach an amicable agreement with both parents. However, if an agreement cannot be made, I will not hesitate to take the issues to court.

CHILD SUPPORT: These laws protect the interest of the children. I will help help you obtain a fair amount of child support and ensure that the support order is enforced.

MODIFICATION OF AGREEMENTS: If you discover that your present legal situation is not working for you and your family, I can help you ask the courts to change your existing agreement.

CONTEMPT OF EXISTING LAW AGREEMENT: When the other person is not fulfilling his or her part of a legal agreement, I will ask the court to find the other person in contempt.

PATERNITY: If any questions or doubts should arise regarding who fathered a child, I have extensive experience in paternity matters.

VISITATION: Visitation rights are an important part of any divorce involving children. I help both mothers and fathers obtain, or keep visitation rights.

COHABITATION AGREEMENT: This protects the legal rights of unmarried couples who live together.

RESTRAINING ORDERS: During a contentious divorce, protecting the rights of you and your children is a top priority. I will obtain emergency restraining orders and follow up with extensions as needed.

GBLT FAMILY LAW ISSUES: I can assist with family law matters as they pertain to same-sex relationships.

For more information, please see my Divorce Law page and the rest of my practice areas here.

If you’d like to talk about your particular family law issue, please give us a call at (513)333-0016.