Drunk Driving Laws in the US

Drunk driving is a plague on society. Every year, thousands of people die in drunk driving accidents in the U.S. Nearly every single drunk driving death is preventable through responsible driving. In an attempt to combat drunk driving, laws have been instituted in every state in the country. These laws differ from state to state… read more

What Does It Mean if My Case Status Is Disposed?

The term “disposed” as a case status means a criminal case is over. However, the disposition of a case is different. Disposition refers to how the case ended. The clerk of court and the prosecutor are not on your side and cannot give you legal advice. The prosecutor is working to obtain a guilty verdict…. read more

Can a 17-year-old Girl Date an 18-Year-Old Boy? And if They Have Sexual Relations at That Age, is it Illegal in Ohio?

It’s important for 18-year-olds in Ohio to understand its age of consent laws so that they don’t inadvertently find themselves facing serious sex crimes accusations due to ignorance or misunderstanding about what constitutes an appropriate romantic relationship. What You Need to Know About Ohio’s Age of Consent Laws In Ohio, it is illegal for someone… read more

What Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati is nestled along the northern banks of the Ohio River and is home to diverse neighborhoods, colorful festivals, and unique eateries. It is a relatively small city, having an estimated population of approximately 300,000, according to the 2020 census. Cincinnati’s smaller size does not mean it does not experience crime, however. According to recent… read more

False Domestic Violence Allegations: How You Can Avoid Wrongful Allegations

Being accused of domestic violence is serious, even when the allegations are false. You could still serve time in jail if you are wrongfully convicted. Also, you face damage to your reputation and a host of other collateral consequences.  The best way to prevent a domestic violence conviction on false charges is to know how… read more

Steps to Follow for Finding the Right DUI Lawyer

There are no shortages of lawyers, either in Cincinnati or throughout the country. While this means you have the power to choose who represents you in your Ohio DUI case, this choice can become overwhelming.  With a little investigation, though, you can make an informed and solid choice of representation.  Talking with Family and Friends… read more

What is the Difference Between Escorting and Prostitution?

Many people use the words “escorting” and “prostituting” interchangeably. However, when performed correctly, an escort may offer a legal service to a client. Unfortunately, many prostitution enterprises hide behind the word “escort.”  In short, prostitution is the exchange of sex for money or something else of value. On the other hand, escorting offers a person’s… read more

Are Police Scanners Legal in Kentucky?

Have you thought about purchasing a police scanner for personal use in Kentucky? How about using one of the mobile apps that act as a police scanner? Is it legal to own and use a police scanner for private use in some situations?  Before you purchase a police scanner in Cincinnati, there are some things… read more